To All Friends of the AMA … We Need a Bailout.

Friends of the American Maritain Association:

     No doubt you’ve heard someone, maybe a pastor, say “I hate to ask for money.” And then the someone does just that. Well, as President of the American Maritain Association, I do not hate to ask for money. (Though this is my debut.) Please note: I am not one to cry “shark.” At stake is a wide range of philosophical opportunities just when we need more, not fewer, of them. Their  biographer dubbed Jacques and Raïssa Maritain “beggars for heaven.” So it’s with high hopes that I write this short “beg letter” for an Association that honors their legacy. 

     Some salient questions come to mind, and I’ll address them in order and in detail.

  • Why do we need money? Let me note (some of) the reasons.
    1. We only have about $250 in our account at the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union.
    2. We are about $3,000 in debt.
    3. We have three books now in the editing process.
  • How is it that we have come to such a pretty pass? Let me note (some of) the reasons.
    1. We do not have any institutional affiliation.
    2. Our dues are modest and our conferences are reasonably priced, in part because we favor schools over hotels.
    3. We publish first-rate books, but they are not bestsellers.
  • Is it true that any donation, no matter how modest, will help? In answer to that question:
    1. Yes!
    2. If each of our friends donated $10, we would advance from precarity to solvency.
    3. One way to donate is to become a Life Member for $500.
  • How will I know if my donation will make any difference? Truth be told:
    1. Any donation will reduce our debt.
    2. Any donation will boost the spirits of the AMA Executive Committee.
    3. In light of the obscurities of the future, Pues, quien sabe? Sólo Dios.
  • What happens if this novel fundraising effort isn’t successful? Right. So OK:
    1. We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it.
    2. Having burned the bridge, we’ll figure something out.
    3. Since I don’t mind asking for money, you will hear from me again!

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Jim Hanink