2018 Hotel Update & Alternative Lodging

Note Regarding Alternative Lodging for 2018 AMA conference

As of January 30, rooms are no longer available at the Marriott Courtyard on City Avenue at the AMA discount rate.  You are free to reserve rooms at the regular rate, though availability for some or all of the nights cannot be guaranteed.  Should you be unable to reserve a room for each night, those seeking a room are encouraged to reserve a room one block away at the Hilton Philadelphia at City Avenue (4200 City Avenue, phone 215-879-4000).  They have confirmed that as of January 30, they still have some availability for each of the nights between March 1 and 3.  The cost is comparable to the rate for the Marriott Courtyard, though that is subject to change.  Finally, in the off chance one should have difficulty finding lodging at the Hilton, the only other hotel within reasonable walking distance is the North American Motor Inn at 4444 City Avenue, about 3-4 blocks away from the Marriott.  However, one is strongly advised to read on-line reviews of this facility before booking with them.  Availability for the North American Motor Inn has not been confirmed.  Please contact Eric Manchester, who is the local AMA representative helping coordinate the event, at emanchester@scs.edu if you have any further questions.

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